Sunday, August 10, 2008

last day in KY 2008

we are packing for the long long long drive back tomorrow. it took us 13 hours to get here, and considering we stopped about 13 times (not always because kendal needed to be changed, i can already tell you this baby likes to use my bladder as a trampoline!) that really isn't so bad. and, at least the drive isn't fort leonardwood, right?
in the mean time, i got a really cute video of kendal saying his new phrase... "uhoh!" the cutest part about him saying it is his little lips making the oooo shape.

anyway, i also wanted to let everyone know that kendal has officially felt his little brother or sister now. we were sitting on the couch earlier, i was laying down, kendal was sitting in the crook of my hips. his back was to my lower abdomen (where the baby is). i felt a bump bump, then a BIG bump and kendal turned around to see what was behind him (of coarse it was just me laying there).

wednesday is the big show and tell day for the baby. even though we didn't want to know kendal's gender before birth, we wouldn't have been able to find out anyway because he had his legs pinched together and his back was to the ultrasound thingy. maybe we'll have better luck with this one, since we DO want to find out anyway. already have names picked out just in case (well, i'm 100% on the boy name, maybe 80% on the girl name). we'll see what happens wednesday...

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  1. The pix of him with his cousin is the first where I can say, "Wow, he is starting to look like a little boy, not just a baby!"

    Must be the look of concentration on his face!

    Travel safe.



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