Thursday, July 22, 2010

sore thumb

though i don't mean it in the way the picture is showing it, my thumb joint is sore!  it's hurt for several days now.  so bad that now i'm loosing my grip.  i can hardly open the orange juice.  2 days ago i had to invest in some gripper-getter pads to help me open the containers and now i can tell that i still can't even get a good grip.  what is up with that?  it is pain coming from my wrist, i guess, but it is only affecting my thumb.  i tried to pay attention to the way i held it while i slept last night and that didn't seem to be weird. (when i was pregnant, i had carpel tunnel syndrome in which my whole hand would ache from the way i balled up my arms while i slept... and my wrists were swollen to boot.  but, swelling isn't the problem here.)

so anyway, i guess i'll give it a few weeks in the case i injured it and can't remember doing it.  if it still hurts in a month, i'll get it looked at.  hopefully, though, it'll fix itself.  but, in the mean time, boy does it hurt!!!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it is from how you held the camera so much this weekend? I know you take lots of pictures, but maybe it was just the amount/time span this time?



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