Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i broke through the 5 barrier

i've learned that entering photos into this particular contest is more about your audience than your skill.  not that i'm skilled compared to the other people who participate in it... i'm definitely a newbie, which is why i started doing the contest, to work on my skills.  in general, each of your entries gets critiqued so i can use those suggestions on  my next composition.  and, i've tried to do that.  i think that it'll take me a little while before i can start doing some of the amazing work that are the "ribbon winners" in these contests though.

anyway, i just wanted to mention that i've broken the "5" barrier now - and it only took 3 entries.  based on what many folks say in the forums, breaking that barrier usually takes longer.  and, it takes a long time to break into the "6"s and "7"s - its the 7s that win ribbons.

so, heres to months and years of working both my skills as a photographer AND my skills at shooting for my audience!

(here is a snapshot of some of the ribbon winners for each group - so you know what i mean about amazing photography and how far i need to go!)

spheres (which was basic editing, meaning that the picture could be color corrected and cropped and that's about it)

order (also basic editing) - interestingly i didn't like the ones that won!  usually i give a "10" or a "9" to the ones i like a lot!

and bovine (which was advanced editing - so you could do a lot to the picture using editing software)

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