Friday, March 12, 2010

tutu portfolio

i'm not sure why i haven't taken more pictures of the tutus i've made.  i can think of 4 or 5 that i can't find a pictures for.   i wanted to make a post about the tutus i've made and put all the pictures in one spot in the hopes that someone may want to buy one.

here is the first one i ever made.  it was for my daughter, holly, when she was about 2-1/2 months old.  i used this picture for our easter cards last year.  this tutu is acually a larger tutu like for a 2 year old - way big for her in this picture.  holly is 15 months now and it is still a little long for her.  the second picture is her wearing it just a couple of weeks ago (yes, she is in her christmas pjs).

here is one i made for my neice for her 6th birthday.  the tutu was pink and white, though it looks quite irridescent in the pictures.  that'd be because i'm not good at using adobe photoshop.  my "eraser" picked up the green in the grass behind her and i'm not sure how to remove it.  anyway...  here's grace's tutu:

next is a set i did last halloween in which i incorporated ribbon into the tulle.  i think they turned out well.  the first one is teen sized and it actually sold within 15 minutes of being in the store to an adult woman.  the second is one i made for a sweet 4 month old girl last halloween.  snazzy cat is modeling that one, snazzy cat is a build-a-bear (for scale).  the last picture is one i sold to a friend with a 3 year old.  she was darling in hers...

this is the only one that i haven't sold yet (it is $30 if anyone is interested).  i'm not sure if it hasn't sold because of the colors or what.   i named this one "the sprite" because nathaniel said it made him thirsty. i was going for an organic "green" coloring, he said it looked like a 7-up can. this one has a 25" waist which is still adjustable. i can stretch out the loops already on there to make it bigger, or add more tulle loops if it needs to be REALLY bigger. also, they can be squished to make it smaller.  it would work best for a 7 to pre-teen/teen girl (or small adult). for a younger girl, the tulle could be squished up and made shorter, or trimmed, or i could just make a new one with shorter pieces. this one is kinda long for a little girl.

my tutus are really simple and are no-sew.  they are fully adjustable in the waist (the tulle bands just slide around on the ribbon, and you can tie that as big or as small as you need).  so, they would last few years for any size girl (except for the baby baby ones... those are really small).  as far as colors go, i buy my tulle at walmart, joannes, or the mill outlet - wherever i can find it (cheapest at mill outlet) -  so the colors they have are the colors i can make.  usually i blend 2 or 3 colors in each tutu to give it a soft look. 

prices are $25 to $35 depending on the size, length, and embellishments (some have ribbon in them).

if you are interested or would like more information, please comment!

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