Tuesday, March 16, 2010

random observations

sorry no pictures here.  takes too much time.

1.  kendal decided he liked rice.  he's eaten as much as me in the past 2 days.
2. kendal is wearing his first cloth diaper right this very moment.  he pooped after lunch, so i took that opportunity to put one on him.  i hadn't even shown them to him and he said "kendal's new diaper" - very observent!
3. holly likes blood oranges.  she ate the whole thing save a few pieces i tasted.
4. blood oranges got their names for a  good reason.  i don't think i've ever had one until today.
5. uncle butch is getting better.  granddaddy, not so much.
6. i'm tired of paper bunnies.
7. i'm applying for a job in nathaniel's workgroup.  i also applied for 2 others last week. (i apply for a lot of jobs, but these are all ones i am qualified for... ones i may actually get interviews for.)
8. i thought today was the 17th.
9. holly likes rogan "josh" (made with chicken rather than lamb, thus the "  " part over the josh - which infers lamb).  i even put some of the rogan sauce on her chicken nuggets for lunch and she ate them all up!
10.  kendal and holly have officially been converted to homemade chicken nuggets.
11. holly and kendal have officially been converted to non-canned (i.e. frozen) peas (just have to cook the hell out of them). up next is corn and string beans.
12. the clothesline is working great.  figured if i do one load a day i will be ok without using the dryer.  we'll see if 1 load a day is ok.  for now, it's been ok.  the line pretty much only holds 1 load.  and, thus far its been cloudy and cold.  so, slow drying... this summer i'm sure i can do more than one a day. 
13. about to get started on my photobook on shutterfly.  waiting for a good coupon now... like a BOGO or something, since i'm gonna get 2.
14. i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLy want a camera.  i've come up with 100 ways to make $50.  unfortunately i need the camera to get started.  so, who'd like their family portraits taken? i know some great places (in raleigh).   i'm up for a quick make of some ca-zash these days (and with some advance bookings, i may can swing the buy!)  in the mean time, the saving has begun.... (tho i just noticed that best buy has it the cheapest for the 2 lenses AND a bag... and 24m same as cash? $34/m? not to get swayed by the credit offer... dave ramsey, damn you!)
15. why do we have hundreds of ladybugs in our house?  i can't kill them.  i just can't.  seems like it is bad luck or something.  and i'm not gonna test karma on this one.  (they don't bite, right?)


  1. turns out that after reading that article about ladybugs (and asian lady beetles), we don't have ladybugs. we have beetles. the beetles have an "m" on their heads. these are pests - and CAN bite - and squirt yellow toxins out if you mess with them.

    anyway, i'm flushing all i see now. geez. they've been in here for months now! and kendal's been getting bites but we thought it was fleas (though i haven't even seen any fleas OR flea dirt...) maybe it was the beetles!

  2. I call those "Bitch Bugs" as they are certainly not ladies!



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