Friday, March 19, 2010

sense of smell - 10 minute procrastination write

9:40 i just commented on amy's facebook status and it made me start thinking about how sensitive my nose is.  really what i need to be doing is my last set of cards for club.  i'm almost ready to make them but now i'm thinking about my nose and how maybe there is a reason why i despise libraries - and tend to not read a lot.  i do like to read, when i do pick a book, i usually REALLY like it.  but, you can pretty much be sure that what i'm holding in my hand is a new book (or practically new).  rarely do i ever go to a library and check out a book.  if i do get anything, it has to be off the new release list, thus living most of its library life out of the library and not being contaminated with library smell.  nathaniel probably thinks that i hate it when he reads in bed but really it is the smell of the stinky book he has open that i can't stand.  something about rotting books makes my head hurt, i guess.  i wonder what chemical it releases during decomposition - whether it be from the actually wood used in the paper, the ink, or the chemicals used in the processing of the paper.  something, though, is definitely a headache trigger for me.  i avoid it just the way i avoid the perfume counter at belks or macy's.  you know when i'm at the mall (alone) i'll go up and down the escilator inside and outside the store just to avoid that front section of the department store.  i just hate perfume.  it makes my head throb.  i know i have friends that wear perfume but there isn't anything i can do about that.  even nathaniel wears cologne sometimes.  the last time he put it on i heard him spray it 8 times.  isn't once enough?  one spray and i can smell it for a week in the bathroom.  i still smell it on his clothes even though they are laundered.  speaking of laundering, i got some calgon water softener (recommended for cloth diapers in hard water...) and it seems to help get out the soap scum left in our clothes.  i noticed more suds.  and, less smell left.  our laundry detergent has little to no smell (charlie's soap) but what it does have smells sort of like air so i can handle it.  (by the way, not all smells are triggers... 1 squirt of nathaniel's cologne isn't a trigger. i picked out his cologne.)
so maybe part of the reason i don't like dogs is because of the way they smell - i can always smell them.  cats really don't have a smell.  not  much anyway.  with the LB out in the garage, there is NO smell in our house from them.  when i was checking out at target the other day (buying litter) the man behind me praised the type of litter i was buying - which is the wheat litter.  he said the clay litter gave his cat UTIs and the wheat litter solved that problem.  he also said that if you dump the wheat litter in the woods, the deer will eat what is left.  i thought that was interesting.  we haven't had to dump it yet - well, maybe once, but i haven't seen the deer yet.  its warming up now and i've not seen them since it was cold. 
ok, so now it is 9:47 and i am just about out of words.  anyone have any other suggestions as to why i am so sensitive in my sniffer?  or how to fix it?  of coarse, my allergies (or a cold) are acting up right now, so i am not running at full strength.  maybe i can go to the library.  hahaha.  i did go the other day and check out two books (off the new release list).  they are interesting, non-fictions of coarse.  i put on reserve a fiction  called "the help" that i want to read.  our libraries suck here.  bad.  they have nothing there.  anyway, ok, i have 1 minute and i see a bunch of red lines above me so i need to edit.
time to make cards.

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  1. I have "The Help". We are reading it for book club. You can borrow mine after, if you want. Probably October I'll be ready to release it. It shouldn't smell too bad since I bought it new and I won't squirt it with my perfume or let Lucy lay on it :-)



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