Sunday, March 21, 2010

thoughts on lotion

my skin has been incredibly dry this winter.  and, i've had a heck of a time finding something that moisturized it (enough) and didn't cause a reaction (i have VERY sensitive skin).  my old standby, cetaphil, just hasn't been enough.  plus, i've been TRYING very hard to use everything organic (i.e., with organic ingredients, nothing processed or man-made or "something i can't pronounce" in the ingredients).  so, a while ago, i ventured to my favorite store - whole foods - and began browsing in their whole body section.  i didn't buy anything the first few times i went, i was looking for both lotion and shampoo - and it was a bit overwhelming.

anyway, after several visits, i never got any lotion there.  i'd tried several things in the past and knew that pretty  much what they had was going to cause a problem with my skin.  after despirately needing some face wash and lotion (and not being able to get to bodylase to get my normal stuff), i looked in the lowes food "natural" section and found a lotion (lowes food's natural brand) and a face wash (?brand?) that i've been using for over a month now with no reaction.  i actually like them very much (i'll have to write another post on what they are...).  but i still was having trouble finding a body/hand lotion.

anyway, i spotted the alba products and decided to try their cocoa butter hand and body lotion.  the ingredients are ok, nothing too weird - it smells nice (not that smell really matters to me, except that it doesn't smell strong...) - and so i took it home and tried it.  you know, it does NOT work very well.  if nothing else, i seem dryer.  there isn't any alcohol in it, but maybe this would be a better summertime lotion (the first ingredient is water, the second is aloe vera).  i think over the past month my skin has gotten worse and worse in the dryness department.  anyway, i used cetaphil this morning so we'll see if that makes a difference today.

i was also disappointed to see on a recent (and RARE) visit to walmart (i hate walmart) that they sell the same alba (and similar) stuff there - same stuff is at target too, and lowes foods, and food lion!  i mean, if i wanted a generic, everyday products, i would have just gone to walmart and bought suave or something.  they even have burt's bees there now too.  what is up with that?  to me, when i see a brand in a big-box store, it means that they overprice their product and use cheaper ingredients.  not sure if that is right, that is just how it seems to me. 

anyway, guess i'll have to try the aveno salon next for some "exclusive" products next time.  haha.  jokes on me, right?


  1. Walmart and Target have started carrying some of the more exclusive products -- the same products you would find in fancier stores. They just usually don't have the same selection/variety. I just read an article about the fact that those 'big-box' stores are trying to bring more people into their stores by carrying the more exclusive products. Theory is... if you can find your face lotion, etc there, you'll also pick up your garbage bags while you're there. They don't expect to sell a lot of the exclusives, but it brings people in who will buy other things.

    Oh... and when you find something that works, let me know. I have super sensitive skin too and have a hard time finding anything!

  2. Analee - Try Udder Cream. I bought some for my Mom for Christmas because her hands get so calloused from hand-stitching, but stitchers also don't want anything greasy or smelly because it ruins the fibers and canvas. This is the same stuff that they use on cow udders when they get chapped...seriously! I was able to find it at Hancock Fabrics, but I would guess that JoAnne's/Michael's/AC Moore might carry it too. Hope that this helps!



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