Friday, March 19, 2010

popsicle card

here is one of this month's club cards - i saw the idea online on another demonstrator's website so i just spun off of her idea and went from there. the orange on the front of MY card is scratch and sniff - orange.  i looked up recipes on splitcoast (here's the link to that thread, you have to go through it all to find the good ones and then just test them for yourself...  i ended up tweaking the recipe that was the most popular one on there just a bit, i want to try the chocolate one)

anyway, who wouldn't want to get this in the mail?  i think i'll send it to faith for her birthday.  maybe in strawberry, though, but - eh, maybe orange (since i already have one made...).

i think i may do these for kendal's birthday party this fall - wouldn't these be great?  we can all eat popsicles and have cake.  it think that is a lovely idea! (just hope he likes ice cream by then...)

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