Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little lesson on eBay etiquette


If you've bid multiple times on an auction, you must have decided, for whatever reason, that you really wanted the item!  Therefore, it is your responsibility to check and see if you have won this auction!  And, you probably already know if you won it because you are refreshing your screen every second down to the end of the auction!  That means actually looking at your eBay account and checking your email messages!  You don't jump in and bid 22 times on an auction, right down to the last few seconds, and then just power down your computer and walk away! I don't care what time limit is stated in my listing as to when payment is expected.....if you've been bidding right along to the last few minutes or seconds and have now won the auction:  Pay immediately! 
I just don't understand why people bid and bid and bid and then at the end of the auction, don't immediately pay.  I've had this happen twice in the past two weeks.  Don't they understand that the sooner they pay the faster they get their item(s)?  When you win an auction on Thursday and you don't pay until Saturday afternoon, I can't mail it until Monday at the earliest.  That is four days wasted right there, because if you went ahead and paid it immediately, I could mail it the next day.

Really.  Get on the ball folks.  You're bidding like crazy.  Pay like crazy.  I pay immediately everytime!!!

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