Thursday, September 24, 2009

rare video of kendal singing

not only is he singing, but this is the first video of holly dancing.
the song is head shoulders knees and toes - and he's singing along with the fisher price pup.
just watch the first minute.  the last minute is just random play, i was hoping that he'd do it again but he didn't. 


  1. We should have bought him a bucket for his birthday, so he could actually carry a tune.

  2. All gone! Cute.
    I love the way Holly stops dancing when the music starts and then starts up again when it does.

    She'll probably kick ass at musical chairs!

  3. I meant "...when the music STOPS..."

  4. I love that video! The funny part is how Holly grabs up the bear and is playing with it trying to get it to sing again! I like the "all gone" too!

  5. Head, shoulders, knees and toes...

    I'll be singing it all weekend...

    He's getting good at the kazoo!



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