Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kendal's Birthday Party Pictures

  • here are pictures from the birthday party - i didn't take too many pictures, katelyn took pictures with  my camera for the most part.  and, at least half of these pictures are from LK!  thanks LK for uploading your photos to my computer!!!  i wish i had pictures of everyone, i notice on here that i'm missing a lot of folks.
  • we really appreciate all of you joining us for kendal's birthday party.  i wish we could have a party like this every weekend!  it really is fun getting together with everyone.  i know kendal loved it... he woke up from his nap and cried for 30 minutes because everyone was gone!  (specifically, "tripp, tripp, tripp!"  i don't know whether he just likes saying his name, or he just remembers him leaving the most?!?)  
  • i especially like your kids over because they teach him how to climb!  with his developmental delays, having bigger kids over definitely helps him because he is a "monkey see monkey do" kind of kid!  when your kids are climbing on the jungle gym, he is too.  after ya'll left, he just wanted me to put him on the slide.  he wasn't as interested in standing around on the platform and playing!  :)

  • so anyway, please - come back and see us soon!  all of you!
  • p.s., for those who asked, kendal's adjustable high chair is a keekaroo - 
  • and, holly's fever broke last night after reaching 103.9 - she was sleeping in the bed with me about 1 am, and i thought she spit up because i'd given her water when she was awake at 11, but i couldn't figure out how it was on the top of her head.  it was sweat.  she (and the bed) was covered in sweat.  this morning, she's a solid 98.5.  i hope it stays that way.  still, no other symptoms - and she's hungry today too!  well, for bottles anyway.  haven't tried solids yet.

ha!  check that out, samantha - i made a drill rig out of the stacker blocks!  (did you know i was a geologist?  yeah.  apparently a real nerdy one!)

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  1. Great pictures. I just posted a few on Facebook but I didn't get half as many as LK did!



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