Tuesday, September 22, 2009

top ten tuesday - ten cute things kendal says and does

1. brings holly a paci when she cries

2. "airmane" no matter where he is - if he hears one (with his vulcan hearing), he is gonna say it.  (airplane)

3. school bus bus bus bus - he can't say bus just one time

4. when he sings happy birthday, the "you" part - he shakes his head like he's performing the song.  i'm not sure where he got it from, but you have to do it too.

5. "nani" - his first word nearly every day.  (banana)

6. kendal got a school bus tent for his birthday and he LOVES it when holly crawls in it with him.  he lets her drive.

7. he also shares his drinks with her.  even if it is milk.  i can say for sure she doesn't have any milk allergies.

8. he is obsessed with the television.  not the television itself, just the buttons and the fact he can turn it on and off, and put dvds in and turn that on and off.  he likes clicking the controls (remotely and on the machines) and is quite proud when he can find a channel and then change it to something else.  he hardly ever watches it for more than 2 seconds, he just likes mashing buttons!  same goes for the computer.  he can pretty much use a keyboard and a mouse as well as me!

9.  i love the way every letter and number he picks up is "b" then "2" then "o"... until you tell him what it is then he repeats the right one and puts it back.

10. "cokkit"  when he is tired, this is the only thing that will calm him.  (blanket)

11. a bonus one!
the other night we were at our wonderful neighbors' house.  you know how a screen (on the window) can look like wavy black and white lines?  well, he called it a zebra.  ha!  funny kid.  such an imagination.  he kept pointing to their screen and saying zebra.

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