Friday, September 4, 2009


...makes me want to read!
if only there were more time in the day.  or, i had one of those personal reading lights.  its hard to read when i'm bunking with a light-sleeping, knocked out baby.  ("light sleeping" meaning: one who wakes easily and one who is sensitive to light.) 

time travelers wife.  the movie does not look interesting.  but, the previews do make me want to read the book.  i'm sure they destroyed the text by making it a blockbuster.  um, when is the road supposed to come out?  i still want to see that as a movie.

melissa and amy - 4 and 5 stars for night?  hum.  it is really not my style of book, i'm not into holocaust type tooks.  but, that makes me want to read it.  :)

loving goodreads!


  1. I 'read' Night as an audiobook. Got it at the Zebulon library while we lived there and finished it while sewing Daddy dolls -- man that seems forever ago. Very good book.

  2. I, too, listened to Night. The version I listened to contained his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech plus a new forward to the reprinted edition (2006) that contained pieces that had previously been edited out of the book.
    Along with Anne Frank, I think this should be required reading for kids in high school.



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