Friday, September 11, 2009

6 word story challenge

here is a challenge for all who are reading this blog:

the other night on terrestrial radio, i heard the "world's shortest story" by e. hemingway:

for sale: baby shoes, never worn.

this story really struck me as a maybe one of the greatest stories ever, very much a typical hemingway tragedy.
anyway, i thought maybe i'd see if i could write a 6 world story.  and, i challenge you to do the same.

i'm still thinking about what mine is... so, i'll post it as a comment later when i think of it!


  1. sick baby, high fever, night sweats.

  2. Wow. That's brief. Even for Papa H. But, yes, so much can be read into it.

    So much.

    Gotta think about mine.

  3. Love me some Hemingway!

    "I do, you do, you did."



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