Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my morning secret

i LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear my kids masticate.
something about the way the food crunches in their teeth... or the way they breathe as they try and chew (holly)... i just love it.

i remember when kendal was born, the clicking sounds he made as an infant took some getting used to (for me).  typically i don't like mouth sounds.  but, i could tell by the time holly was born, i was quite used to it (remember the videos of her smacking her lips?) - now, when they eat breakfast, EVERYTHING IS SILENT so i can hear them chew.

kendal munching away on a banana and/or cheerios, and holly the same with cheerios.  i LOVE IT!

that is my secret.  it is my favorite way to start a day.  breakfast for the kids in silence. silence so i can hear them chew.

1 comment:

  1. This definitely must be a mother thing. I cannot stand mouth noises (other than talking, singing, etc.) esp. eating ones!!!



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