Monday, October 26, 2009

maggie update

to the one who wants to know, she's doing fine.  she lives with my sister. we see her often, like 2 to 3 times a week - its the best way for me to have a dog.  not in my house.  not peeing on my floor.  but, she still gets to share licks with nathaniel and the kids. 

(and don't worry, this "not peeing on my floor" thing wasn't impartial towards dogs, we haven't any cats in the house anymore either. seems that pregnancy hormones increased my normal cleanliness OCD thus took a toll on them ALL living inside this past spring.)

anyway, she's the only dog kendal isn't afraid of. he chases her around everywhere.  and holly always seems to poke her butthole.  (not sure why, but that is like a target point i guess.)  she is GREAT with the kids.  very tolerant.  and, so long as she doesn't roll around on dead bugs, she is even pleasant to be around (odor wise).  she still begs a log (but i suppose she is a dog?) but these days, she found the sweet spot (beneath the high-chairs).  thus, her diet is now enriched with chicken nuggets, peas, and bananas and/or oranges a few days a week!

at her new home, she is most intolerant of other dogs (i've always thought she has no idea she is canine), and she has several other human friends. like a 10-year old neighbor/girl that my sister often sees when she is walking her around the neighborhood.  she gets walked several times a day - long walks - so long that sometimes, i hear, she has to be carried UP the stairs when they are done! 

so, she lives a good life.  gets to ride in the car, gets walked, gets "treats" (under the high-chairs)... no worries!  she's still healthy and happy as can be!


  1. I love Maggie. She is a wonderful granddog...spending the night with me tonight! She's my protector (or watchdog) while Mike is away. She snuggles!

  2. Glad to hear she is doing well.

    Maybe one of these days, Kendal won't be afraid of Lucy, either.

    It would help if Lucy didn't run around so much and try to slobber all over him!



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