Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sunday's big activity list

this past sunday, my dad left for ocracoke (even though it unfortunately has been raining and bad winds have led to high tides and bad fishing...).  mom and kate went to a bridal show (another one), and it was supposed to be 70 degrees.

we decided to head west to the NC Zoo.  though the sun never came out (and it never got over 55 degrees), we had a blast.  we visited north america first and kendal walked the entire time (no stroller for him), we had lunch in the back of the car (we all packed in there), and then we headed over to africa.  kendal still walked all except the big uphill part between the entrance and the monkeys/chimps/gorillas/whatever they are (kendal just calls them monk monks so that is what i call them).  after that, he walked.  (incidentally, the chimps(?) must be breeding because there was a lot of "swanky" activity going on.  i've never seen so many mothers covering the eyes of their 2 and 3 year olds.  like... does a two year old really understand what all that stuff means?  no.  the kids were just pointing and saying "look, theres the mama!"  of coarse all the teenagers were plastered to the plexiglass - and there was plenty to see!  male external genitalia for all to examine - including the female chimps - if you know what i mean!)

anyway, after the zoo we headed to the RDU airport (trying to waste time until mamaw and kate got home...) and then we went by the durant nature park to play on the "sliding boards" as my mom calls them.  kendal and holly rode in the swings (holly actually liked it, she's big enough to fill it up now) and then kendal LOVED the slides of coarse.  we had to carry him away kicking and screaming from the park.  but, mamaw was home and we were hungry (and cold).  after a day of 55 degree weather (when we dressed for 70 degree weather) makes you hungry!

so, here are some pictures from the zoo:

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  1. Next time you go to the zoo, call me and I'll go with you!



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