Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fatty fatty 4x4

somewhere some time ago i read that a BMI, for women, from 22 to 25 was healthy, from 25 to 30 was overweight, and over 30 was obese.  not sure if that is right but that is what i'm stickin' to...

not to divulge all my personal issues (though i'm about to) but, well, our scale not only gives you your weight but it also gives you your BMI (we preset our age and height). 

and for the past 3 years (since kendal), my BMI has been over 30.  i don't feel obese but, whatever. 
so i've lost a bunch of weight and it is still slowly coming off.  (just for the record, the scale doesn't say "obese" it says overweight.)

TODAY i've finally gotten to 29.9 BMI.  FINALLY.  i'm no longer "obese".  just overweight.  my goal is for that dang overweight word to get off the scale.  really.  that is how much weight i want to loose ultimately.  i don't even know how much that is, but one day i'll get there.  slowly, but surely. 

i guess now i'm loosing fat i've had on my body for YEARS (not just baby fat).  the other good thing though is that i'm finally at a weight in which i can run again.  not looking forward to the hills here but i will do it, eventually.  i'll have to start with that couch to 5k thing again.  done it once, can do it again.  boy do i miss washington sometimes...

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