Friday, August 6, 2010

the texture of tripp

we had a play date yesterday and, as always, i forget that i have a camera unless someone is asking me to take pictures...

eventually samantha got out her camera which reminded me that i had one too, so i took about 12 pictures of tripp and kendal and holly (none of tripp's sister) and in the end, there were 2 that were really good.  what was tough was a pink wall for a background (close to flesh tone) and a lot of toys and a small space that was not well lit with 3 kids that never stop moving.  it is hard to get clear, steady shots in that type of environment.

anyway, here is one that i already touched up AND converted to black and white and then textured.  in the first picture, i was going for the "what a picture of his great grandfather would look like" save the modern blue polo, and in the second, i was trying to reduce the strength of the blue, yet i can't eliminate the fact it is a polo, and in the last i was really trying to give it that total antique feel.  how do you think it turned out?

the last picture is using a free texture from

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