Saturday, August 21, 2010

The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today.

made some HOT pepper jelly/jam this week.  hot because this has 2 habaneros in it (and about 20 jalapenos).  i seeded the habaneros but all the jalapeno seeds went in the blender.  it is spicy hot but not too hot.  it is perfect for cream cheese and crackers.  this batch also set up like it was supposed to.

special thanks to nathaniel who hit all the mexican tiendas in search of habaneros y jalapenos rojo. 

and, i did adjust the pictures to "brighten and saturate" the color of the jam. but, only because i couldn't get the light just right.  the 1st picture where i'm holding it up to the light is pretty much spot on for what it looks like.  it is a bright orange-red and looks like fire.  beautiful color.  incidentally, making jam always reminds me of this part of one of my favorite movies (thus the origin of this blog's title).  i can't believe they had the whole scene on youtube.:


  1. emily: an alice in wonderland circa 1980something. i have the DVD. it is awesome.

    amy: was planning on saving this for christmas gifts. of coarse, you'd be on the list of "who" to give it to. lucky you! it is really good. we opened a jar yesterday. not as hot as i had hoped but hot enough...

  2. Jam tomorrow, jam yest-a-daaay,
    but neva, eva jam too-daaaay!

    We have the DVD, too :-)



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