Monday, August 16, 2010


after looking at my shutterfly entry over and over (daily), i've come to the conclusion that i definitely would retitle and describe it if i had the chance.  of coarse, when i submitted it, i did so quickly and without really thinking about "what if i make it all the way and everyone will see my title and description."  after reading some of the other titles and descriptions, i wonder if other folks would do the same (edit).

anyway, i don't know what i WOULD title it but know "fun with sparklers" definitely would be out.  naming a picture shouldn't be like naming a kid but i'm wondering, what would you name it?  remember, the contest title is "summer freedom" so i think "summer of love" definitely wouldn't fit well in that contest group name.  (i've learned a lot by entering in the other contests and seeing who wins that they seem to name and compose things for the audience.  and though this was not composed for any sort of audience besides myself and the 2 people in it, the title should be given for the audience in this case!)

so, help!  just in case i ever get to rename it.  or, enter it into another contest or something.  :)

(also keep in mind that the actual entry was cropped and not all uneven like the original picture above!)



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