Wednesday, August 11, 2010

green M&Ms

jacqueline and sophie gave kendal and holly m&ms in their party gift a couple of weekends ago.  kendal and holly haven't really had m&ms before (since they have food dyes in them) but we opened them in the car (at the request of holly, who loves chocolate). 

anyway, kendal won't eat them.  he just flat out won't eat candy.  no kind at all.  well, i guess last halloween he did taste reeses peanut butter cups but we don't eat much peanut based things (or candy) now.  anyway, i bought a pack of m&ms at target the other day so i could bring my $49.28 total over $50 so i could get a $5 gift certificate (and then use it immediately on my next purchase of diapers).  i opened it after lunch today and got out maybe 15 m&ms and split them up between the 3 of us.  kendal got 2 green ones and several other colors.  green is his favorite color, by the way.  he gave holly and me the other colors and kept the green ones for himself, though he never ate them.  i got him to put them in his shirt pocket for "safe keeping" (i.e., so holly wouldn't get them).

i put holly's in her dress pocket and she thought that was the finest thing.  she keeps looking in there to see if more have appeared.

and, FYI, at nap time, he still hadn't eaten them so i took them out and ate them myself (holly was already zonked out).  he will NOT eat candy.  he's the weirdest kid.  i mean, really, what kid doesn't like candy?

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