Friday, August 20, 2010

our own little fiesta

this morning i got up bright and early and headed to replacements.  in my car was 2 sets of dishes and 1 set of flatware, all from previous marriages (one mine, one his).  we both love those dishes but there is no need to hang on to 2 sets.  so we are both giving them up and replacing them with a new. 

we also decided that besides that we DO like the way our respective china looks (in appearance), the only sentimental value that they hold to us is that our mothers both gave us each our first place setting.  so, i called my mom AND his mom and respectfully requested that (though i wasn't begging for gifts) they please give us something fiesta so that we can have that same sentiment with this set.  i hope that they give us a piece and not a place setting.  that way i can remember exactly which one they give us.  maybe his mom will pass on one of her old pieces.  that will be even more special. 

which brings me to another point.  now i'm "the club" - nathaniel's mom and sister both have fiesta, something i've admired since i visited their respective houses for the first time.  i still admire them (even as recent as last weekend when we visited amy's house for dinner).  so, i'm so excited that now i can share in that kitchen accessory.  fiesta is as much an accessory as is functional.  it is just gosh darn beautiful.

i had such a hard time picking out what to buy for my first few sets.  i started with four 5 piece place settings and three gusto bowls (only three because they were out of one of the colors - which i will buy when i find it).  i do intend on buying one more 5-pc and a gusto in an additional color but i waited today because i was at kohls and they were issuing kohls cash and since i earned $30, then i will buy those when those kohl's cash is redeemable.

so, the colors i bought today were scarlet, lemongrass, peacock, and tangerine.  what i will buy in 2 weeks is cobalt.  i still have money left from my "dish sale" and so i will be purchasing some serving pieces from another store as soon as i can find a coupon.  i'm all about using some coupons, why pay sticker when you can save 20%???

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  1. I love Fiesta. I really want to get their flatware. Also, some of their glasses.

    We might need to get another S&P as Mr. B dropped the salt one. It it not completely ruined, he says he can fix it. We'll see. This is the 3rd set (so far!) We had Cinnibar, then Peacock, now Scarlet.

    Anyway, welcome to the Fiesta club!



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