Friday, August 6, 2010

more texurizing

i just can't stop.  this is too much fun. i am supposed to be taking a nap but instead i'm sitting here at the computer making pictures. i may take these over to wolf camera this afternoon and print them to see how they look on paper. these are still pictures some of the few i got yesterday during tripp's visit. 

i am IN LOVE with the texture action in elements.  OH. MY. GOD.  credit to mcpactions for the free download and instructions how to do it. 

that texture was from  (if you wonder why i keep telling you where i get them, they are free to use but you have to give the original creator credit for them.  and, since i didn't create it and uploaded it from flickr, i'm giving the original artist credit!!!  so, you can go to their respective photostreams and see what other textures they offer - just know that they are free to use so long as you give them credit!  how nice is that!)


and, so ok, i didn't do anything to this picture but it is too funny not to share.  they were looking all over the place when we were trying to get their picture together. finally (i was sitting on the floor below them so i wouldn't get the toys on the floor in the background) i said "tripp, kendal, look right here, look inside of here and see if you can a light!"  so, this is when they were looking for the light! 

kendal was still looking...

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