Friday, September 3, 2010

Where do your eggs come from?

saw this link today on one of my facebook feeds and i just had to read it.  you know, we buy our eggs from a local farm (turtle mist farm).  local meaning about 10 miles away.  they are yard birds that have a coop to nest.  they pick around the farm (which also raises meat-sheep, pigs, and a work horse and some turkeys too) and anyway, they are some darn good eggs.  they only incubate eggs to get new chickens and roosters.  they have some different breeds so they probably sell their roosters.  they definitely don't grind them up and feed them to dogs. 

i just think it is so important to know where your food comes from.  not just your eggs, but if you are gonna eat beef, then you probably want to know where that comes from too.  you are what you eat - and what they eat too.  i'd much rather spend more and eat a local, grass/pasture fed bovine than a CAFO raised steer shot up with steroids and antibiotics its whole live to make it grow fast and be immune to diseases.  if you eat that meat, you're eating those chemicals too.

off soapbox.

our neighborhood homeowners association just imposed dues this past summer and half the neighborhood is in an uproar.  there is talk of dissolving the HOA when the cycle ends (in 2 years maybe, can't remember when that is).  our restrictive covenants say that we can't have livestock, so right now we can't have anything like chickens or goats - or even breed dogs even inside our own house.  BUT, if our HOA gets dissolved, guess what - WE'RE GONNA BUILD A CHICKEN COOP!  we've wanted chickens for so long.  i absolutely hope that the HOA goes away.  i want a "rent-a-goat" to munch down the brush, a chicken coop, and a flock of birds to lay us some eggs - and maybe some guineas to keep down the ticks if the chickens don't do it well enough.  man oh man i'm excited about that.  i don't even mind the $50 a year because i know that having a HOA has benefits, but i can save $50 a year on eggs!  :)  heck i may can make $50 a year selling eggs to my neighbors!  ha!

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