Sunday, September 5, 2010

happy birthday to me from me

i know i'm a little early, and this is a bit unusual for me to give something to myself, but it's one of those things that if i don't do it - no one will.

my problem is that my photo editing software doesn't allow me to import raw images from my camera, thus i just shoot in jpg.  that is fine, but, i want to shoot in raw.

so, i've been wanting to upgrade to something that is newer than my camera.  i currently have photoshop elements 7 (PE7) and was considering another one of adobe photoshop's programs called creative suite 5 (CS5).  the only thing is that usually this program is $699 so that is too expensive for me and most folks unless you are making a lot of money doing photography.  BUT, adobe is running a special right now for CS5 for $299 and, well, that is pretty much how much i have in my camera fund (i.e. the money i "make" taking pictures).  so, great opportunity to get a top of the line program.

unfortunately when i tried to install the trial, i got some errors.  i took that as a sign that that wasn't the right thing to do (put all my "eggs" in one basket) so, i've since decided to just get PE8 (which will allow me to use raw images since it is the newest version).

what i'm interested in, also, is all these actions and textures that i've recently discovered.  CS5 would be better for the actions but PE8 is just fine for it too.  and, by getting PE8 i still have plenty of money left over to buy some actions and textures and templates too.

for instance, last night, i just HAPPENED to be online when one of my three favorite photography blogs, kelseyandersonphotography posted a status on facebook that she was offering her "whole store" worth of actions, textures, and templates (for cards, books,etc) for $100.  this is usually priced over $600.  oh my God!  i bought it.  i still haven't finished downloading everything.

i also bought the complete workflow actions set from MCP actions (another one of my three favorite photography blogs...).  if you want to buy me a birthday present, you can buy me the only other one i have in my wishlist:  magic-print-it-boards but right now i think i'll have to save up a little more for that one. i don't want my little nest egg bone dry...

and just for completeness sake, this is my other favorite photography blog (pioneer woman photography). they have two sets of free actions that anyone with photoshop needs to download!!!  incidentally, their instructions are also the easiest.

ok, so, happy birthday early to me!  now i have some installing work to do.  well, not really, i'm not even done uploading all those files from kelsey anderson!  so exciting!

PS, move over shutterfly - i'm on the market for making christmas cards this year!!!  i'm serious about that.  all i need to do now is find a printing lab to get prices and some samples and, well, i'm totally gonna market some christmas cards.  so, who is in???  we all love having our cards digitally made... so, you can use ME this year!!! i can even take your picture for it.  REALLY!

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