Tuesday, September 14, 2010

is there something magical about the number 3?

(pictures from the morning of kendal's first day of preschool!)

i'm sure you're all aware that kendal turns 3 tomorrow.  i can't believe it has been 3 years since he's been in our lives.  how blessed we are.  triply, since we have holly too. 

yesterday, we had a morning out.  i had to go grocery shopping and since our grocery store has now changed from whole foods to earthfare (i love that store, well, all but the deli section, that part i prefer whole foods...) so i decided to first take the kids over to the airport.

this is where i noticed the magic of 3 first.  though we were at the airport, where he knows where he is and is usually in a hurry to get to the observation deck, he stood right beside me while i got holly out.  no running away.  no complaining about having to step up on the curb.  he held my hand.  we all 3 walked together.  part of the obv. deck was in the shade, part was in the sun.  i was cold, so i wanted to move to the sunny part (the end we do not usually stand in).  so, i asked to move down.  we all moved down, no problem.  i explained why.  he said ok.  and, we stayed right there.  from there, we could see the little play area with sand down below.  k&h saw another boy and wanted to play.  holly was slow on the stairs so i carried her but kendal walked the whole way down using the rail and my hand.  then, he greeted both the boy and the mother and played with them (which isn't unusual).  he was sweet as can be (which also isn't unusual).  when it was time to go, there was no fight, no whining.  he got right in the car.  the only drama was the fact there was sand on his shoes (also not unusual for him not to like to be dirty).

next we went to target.  kendal and holly sat in the cart and shared a cup of water with a straw.  SHARED.  kendal was very patient with her.  this also is not unusual for him, but there was no whining that holly wasn't sharing with him.  target was fine.

last was earthfare.  here we ate lunch.  he was hungry at this point and he found the little sample things and in which they had those fried green beans.  kendal loves green beans.  he kept wanting more.  i got a turkey sandwich for them and a roasted veggie sandwich for me. he crawled in the booth and ate the cheese and the meat with no protest~  holly, however, she only ate bread and a little bit of meat.  i gave kendal her cheese. so during the actual grocery shopping part, holly was in the cart and kendal was walking with me.  he kept getting in front of me and i'd tell him that i couldn't see where i was going when he was in front of me, that i preferred it if he walked beside me.  so, he'd slow down (or back up) and walk beside me (until he got in front of me again - i was just walking too slow for him!)  THIS IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL.  usually he wants to push or run or get stuff off the shelves.  he is usually "wild" in the grocery store and often i have 2 carts - one with the kids in it and 1 for my groceries. 

maybe i am seeing the magic of the #3.  of coarse, i'm starting to see the terror of the #2 with holly.  she's such a sweetie but when she doesn't get her way, stand back!  she's gonna let you know it.

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