Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 day green challengs - day 2

day 1 - we air-dry our clothes.

day 2 - we hand-wash our dishes.  this saves both water and energy.  i know most of you are like "no freakin' way am i going to hand wash our dishes!" but, technically, we don't actually have a working dishwasher, thus we are forced to do it.  (our dishwasher broke the first month we were in this house and we never replaced it).  and, i'll tell ya - practice makes perfect on this one.  we can wash dishes REALLY fast - because we do it day in day out, and have done it for years now.  we just replaced our drying rack (which was bamboo) because the pieces started to break.  we got a new one just like the old one, which lasted about 3 years.  and though i say (and have said) for years i want a dishwasher, i suppose that i am just fine without one (though occasionally - like when we have a big party - a dishwasher would be nice!)

chris is also taking my 30 day green challenge!  make sure you check out his blog.


  1. Hehe, I've got a dishwasher sitting in my pad that never gets used (since I also wash my dishes by hand, but only because I don't generate enough dishes to justify using the dishwasher), too bad I can't give it to y'all... (Since pad = apartment, and I don't actually own said appliance...)

    And, without copying you directly, your topic has given me an idea for today... I can even get a picture after my morning gym workout!

  2. i'd be curious of your "dishwashing" techniques... when I wash dishes by hand, i feel like i use a BOATLOAD of water... for some reason, i feel "green" when i DO use the dishwasher--but i do always make a conscious effort to make sure its FULLLLLLLLLLLL before we use it... and i never use the "drying" feature--just crack open the door when its done and they air dry right where they're at!

    handwashing vs. dishwashing is one of those things i have often wondered "which is greener"??



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