Thursday, September 16, 2010

shooting in raw vs jpg

ok, i need your input!  i've been shooting in both raw and jpg (two different formats - jpg is when the camera does the processing for you and raw is when i do the processing) and, well, i'm wondering which YOU think is better!  i like the raw better but, since i have to process EACH photo - and if i take 100 pictures, well, that is a lot of work.  so, i'm wondering if the product is worth the work!  especially when the  jpg is just fine (for the most part).

so, here are the three pictures below (in NO particular order).  one is just the raw image that i processed myself.  one is the jpg image, straight from the camera (no editing), and the other is the jpg opened in adobe elements and "autocorrected." you can click on the image to make it larger (if maybe you want to check for details).

so, if you would please take the time and tell me which of these three images looks the best. (if you're feeling particularly chatty, maybe you could tell me why you picked that photo over the other 2!)

if you are an anonymous reader, please just post an anonymous comment!  there is no way of me tracking back to where or who you are.  i just really want input here!  :)

thanks everyone!


  1. hmmm.... to me, 2 looks artificial... and i say that because i'm comparing her forehead with the other two pictures... its got some funny shading on it...and around her eyebrows...and maybe has a reddish tint.

    1 looks very natural... with a light touch on it... like maybe overexposed just a tad (not a bad "overexposed")... and 3 looks very "rich" the colors are a bit more vibrant while still looking natural..., i guess 3 is my fave!! but 1 is certainly still a great picture...

    ...and honestly, i think 2 would still be a great picture, too if i didn't have the other two to compare it with.

  2. #3 - but its not tons better than the other 2. They are fine, also. #1 looks better "bigger" than it did as a smaller pic.

  3. I like #3 best. The colors look bright and natural, plus the detailing is good.
    #2 is also good but not quite as detailed.
    #1 looks a little too green/blue. The floor color is a bit off....and her face isn't quite as rosy.

  4. #3

    To the mention of the floor coloring being off in a previous comment, it's probably a milk stain!


  5. #1 seems to be a little washed out
    #2 has more color just unbalanaced
    #3 has the coloring balanced throughout

    The winner is #3.

  6. I like 3, it looks more vibrant, but still natural.

  7. I like #1 the best.



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