Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 day green challenge

so, here is a challenge for you AND me.  for the next 30 days, i want to post one thing that i do that is "green" - now an added bonus challenge for me is to photograph it in my own house/yard. 

thus, this will not start today for me.

anyway, i will post yet another couple of pictures (i am trying to catch up on september's pictures) of the kids on thursday night (sorry, still not a birthday party post...) during dinner.  these are too cute not to share right now.

we cut open a pomegranate and they kids wanted some. i was concerned the seeds would freak them out so we got out the food mill and put all the seeds INTO it.  then, we juiced it.  the kids LOVE grinding on the food mill.  so, we drank the juice.  kendal has a juice-stain mustache (and a spaghetti-stain goatee).  and yes, i know he is wearing holly's bib.  but, technically he is sitting in holly's chair too!  :)
cake anyone?  (yes, her  mouth is dirty too!  but, why clean it for cake?  and, i also learned that she will not pick up a cupcake with her hands.  it was the fork or she'd lean over and bite it like a dog.  funny little girl she is!)

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