Saturday, September 18, 2010

A worm named Joe

There once was a worm named Joe.  
 Can you see Joe?  Maybe you can look a little closer.
Joe was a nice worm 
who really liked to squirm.  
Joe went to the park, 
I found him on some tree bark.
Next he met a squirrel 
who had a sister named Pearl.
That was all we saw of Joe.

(I know Joe technically isn't a "worm", but I wasn't sure if he knew that yet.  
I wasn't gonna spoil the news to him about his upcoming metamorphosis!)

1 comment:

  1. Joe's bro's wore out my dill plant... If I'd known that the two of them were gonna be swallowtails, I might have left them on the dill... Now I've been looking for more of Joe's bro's, so that I can feed them some dill and watch/help them on their way towards flight...



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