Saturday, September 18, 2010

more late night inspiration

why is 3am when i get my ideas?  i can't just lie there and forget them.  i have to get up and process... create...

photoshop is an ADDICTION!  (as is photography).

so, here are my latest changes.  input is appreciated!  (as in, which do you like the most?  am i going in a good direction or should i have stopped when i started?)

 the "original" from yesterday - bright, bold colors -  i wanted to say here that if you have ever held a stampin' up workshop with me, you know how much i love to sponge.   the original one here, well, i "virtually" sponged it.  if you know me from a stamping perspective, you may recognize it!  :)

soft, faded colors using pioneer woman's vintage action:

and here it is texturized (using MCP texturizing action).  texturizing is where i can get carried away.  now i like this one the best, i like how i put a yellow texture (from kelsey anderson photography - a friday free one!) over the light purple and it turned it peachy to plum brown.  i think it did spectacular things to the colors not only in the border but also in the picture itself (you probably have to blow it up to really appreciate it).  to me, this one looks more vintage (with that 70s feel).  i'm the one making it.  i want to know what YOU think!

again, anonymous comments are super!

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