Tuesday, September 7, 2010


yesterday we went to blue jay park (pictures forthcoming) and we spent quite a bit of time in the sand pit.  there, we encountered an small, attractive, thin woman (about gina's size) and a meat-head looking husband and their child. the child was a little bigger than holly but not as big as kendal, and isn't really important in this story except that i thought it was sweet that she tried sand at which time the mama panicked a little!  not that i wouldn't have done the same thing...  not judging that part.  :) 

so the mom was very friendly and interacted with kendal and holly.  she was one of those loud-talker types that wanted you to hear everything she was saying.  like, when she was getting the snacks/lunch out for her daughter, she went into a spill about how she ate healthy and how "daddy" needed to eat healthier.  she went ON and ON about how important eating healthy was.

she was feeding the daughter veggie sticks (carrots).  not sure why she wasn't just calling them carrots, but anyway... i suppose she'd be one to call a grilled mushroom on a bun a mushroom burger.

i judged.  you know what she was drinking?  diet dr. pepper.  there is nothing healthy about a can full of cancer causing chemicals in an acid bath!!!  drink a water, woman.


  1. Not exactly the same but this reminded me of something that happened to us the other day.

    We were driving through a rest area on our way back from IN. Mr. B was driving and this woman, puffing away on her smoke, was about to walk out in front of our car. Mr. B stopped the car but she gave him a nasty look, anyway.

    He said (to us), "Don't worry, lady. I'm not gonna kill you, but, that cigarette might!"

  2. Diet Dr Pepper is my favorite. I am a Diet Dr Pepper addict. I figure if that's the worse thing I'm putting in, I'm probably okay...

  3. My dad's great aunt lived to be 104. The newspaper interviewed her at 100 and asked was her secret was. She told them it was an onion sandwich and Dr. Pepper every day. They supplied her with a "lifetime supply" of Dr. Pepper after that. Given the fact that she was already 100 at that time, that seemed a little cheap to me :) - LK

  4. LK - i was more referring to the "diet" part than the dr. pepper. :) onion sandwiches? hum. (YUCK! i'll stick with tomato!)

    and you're right, melissa - if that is the worst thing, then -well, ok. you got me there.



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