Tuesday, September 28, 2010

am i a grownup mutant ninja mommy?


i always knew i had a monster in my head when i had a migraine, thankfully dr. zameel cader has confirmed it.  i am excited for what this discovery has done for the future of migraine treatment.   i hope one day that my children's children will not know the pain i feel. (my migraines are hereditary from BOTH SIDES and they seem to skip a generation!  thus, i mean what i say when i say my children's children - they'll get the bomb shell i have.)

[incidentally, i'll start back with my 30 days of green blog when i take more pictures.  that WAS part of my challenge...  i've been terribly busy this past week - so busy that i haven't had time to catch up on pictures from 2 weekends ago. funny what a  new job does to your life!  i'm not complaining though.]

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