Saturday, September 4, 2010

job update

i don't have much time to write because since we are home and i had to call into gymboree for another reason (which i'm about to tell you), i let her know we were home for the weekend.  thus, i'm working this morning.  :)

anyway, i got a job offer!  this isn't a job i applied for either.  it, i suppose, has spawned from a job i applied an interviewed for though.  last may i applied for a job with the pre-regulatory landfill section of waste management and i subsequently interviewed with them.  it was a great interview, one that i felt good about when i left.  but, i knew that i didn't have a lot of the qualities that they wanted - like, i had no contract experience.  lots of geology experience, no contract experience. 

so, i haven't heard who got it or whether i didn't get it as they haven't sent out the "we hired someone else" letters yet.  either way, it has been long enough that i know that i didn't get it.

wednesday when i got home from work, i had a message on the home answering machine from the supervisor asking me to call her back because she wanted to talk with me about doing temporary work for them.

WHAT WHAT???  this is so awesome.  i didn't get the job but she thought of ME to do temp work!  that is awesome!  so of coarse i'm up all night  (with a drippy nose) running numbers trying to figure out how much i need to get paid in order to cover childcare, etc.

thursday morning i could hardly wait until 8am to call her to get details.  anyway, the hourly wage was quite reasonable, she wanted me 2 or 3 days a week, which was up to me how many and which days.  she said she was quite flexible since she knew i had little children and she just wanted me to do what i could because she really wanted it to work such that i could come help them.  :)  again, awesomeness!

thursday morning: quick calls to daycares trying to get accurate costs for part-time daycare - we can afford, thankfully, buttons and bows which is where kendal went when he was little (and we LOVED IT) but they don't have immediate openings. BUT, since katelyn is going to school next spring she has a fall that is wide open for a job - and, well, she agreed to nanny.  so, we have childcare open with someone we love and trust 200% and they love 300%.  so, this couldn't get any better, right?  well, except for the part that i have to call gymboree and tell them that i got another job.  :(  i love those ladies and i absolutely hate letting them down.  they knew i was looking for a "real" job (not that gymboree isn't real, but i say "real" as in a job in my own career) so this shouldn't be a huge surprise except that i've been looking for so long and i can hardly believe it has come to me!

friday morning i promptly called my to-be supervisor back (while waiting on a car estimate) and let her know i was in on her deal - that childcare is covered and, basically, when did she want me to start!?! (and that i had to give a 2-week at my other job).  so, that is all taken care of.  i may have a 1 week over lap of gymboree and this job but i'll manage that somehow.  she said she'd work with me on scheduling - she actually said that i didn't have to quit my other job that she'd always work with me on scheduling!  but, i'm not sure i'm totally ready to "give up" my kids 5 days a week right now.  plus, gymboree doesn't pay enough to cover childcare, waste management does.  hope that makes sense.

so i let teri (gymboree) know and she was excited for me.   i know deep down she has to be upset.  i am upset for her.  i love working there, it is a lot of fun and everyone there is so nice.  that store has a great sense of family, i hope that i can arrange somehow to stay on but not work much at all.  not sure how that'd work though.  :/  i just don't want to overextend myself.  alot of change at once can be counter-productive.  and, i want to give this job 110% .

ok, gotta get dressed and run to gymboree.  last weekend of the fill-a-bag sale which means 30% off everything in the store including sale items.  awesome sale.  if you have kids, you should come shop this weekend!  we have the most adorable stuff.

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