Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 day green challenge - day 2

day 1 - we air-dry our clothes.

day 2 - we compost grass trimmings.  we plan to use this compost in our future garden (a garden that we've located downslope from our house, from which we can collect rainwater from our downspouts - and also that is downgradient from our yard thus catching any rain that falls.  because we have poor soils on our property, we also intend on building up the garden rather than applying numerous chemicals to "improve" the existing soils - this garden will be bound by downed-trees that we drug out of the woods into our yard, and will be back-filled with topsoil and mixed with the compost that we're making in our yard out of grass trimmings and leaves that we rake/mulch in the fall.  we've been collecting these piles for a while (we have more, this is just a picture of one pile).

PS this picture will be repeated because this compost pile isn't just grass!!!

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