Sunday, January 9, 2011

resolution, in photo

this week's photo challenge at paper mama is resolutions.  since i'm not a resolution maker, i've been trying to decide on whether to even enter this challenge.  but, yesterday nathaniel and i were lucky enough to have been invited to an eagle scout ceremony of one of our friends (who is also our neighbor).  i shot photos from our third row seat during the ceremony and got this really neat shot of his little brother during the pledge of allegiance.

it occurred to me that one resolution i'd be happy to make is, over the course of 2011, to teach my children that same pledge.  i don't think they've ever even heard it!  and, it's about time they do.  i mean, really, they know the barney i love you song but not one single america song or poem!  bad parent.  that will change!

The Paper Mama

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  1. This is fantastic. A great resolution...and such a wonderful, classic shot



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