Saturday, January 29, 2011


no, not goodbye to you. goodbye to sam (his mama was taking him away!)
this is my round robin challenge entry.


  1. Oh that face! You just want to hug him and reassure him that you'll be there for him. Very emotional photo - beautifully done.

  2. Hi Analee :)

    My goodness, he has such beautiful eyes. Aww, I agree with Monica, he just makes one want to hugs him, and hold him, and tell him it's all going to be ok. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

    WELCOME TO THE ROUND ROBINS! I will look forward to seeing more of your outstanding photography!

    BTW, if you are interested, I host the Monday Photo Shoot on my blog Ellipsis. I post a new assignment weekly, and you are more then welcome to join in! Please consider, as I said you are more then welcome!


  3. Oh my goodness. This is truly a goodbye photo. You can just see the sadness.

    I think we need a happier topic for the next Round Robin. :(

  4. What a great picture! He really doesn't look happy to be saying goodbye, but you can tell he's well-loved. Welcome to the Robins!

  5. It's always hard to say goodbye to such a lovely little child!



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