Sunday, January 30, 2011

in-house studio

an in-house studio is something i don't have.  i wanted to take some pictures of kendal and holly so i could make their valentines for their friends at school.  i really don't have any new pictures of them that would work.  outside pictures are too busy because of the background.  so i decided to tape a sheet to the fireplace and see what they'd do for me.  unfortunately, the only plain sheet i have is blue (light blue) so you can guess how that looked.  i wish i had dressed them better but this was really for trial only.  i now know that i need to buy a neutral color sheet and buy kendal a solid color shirt.  and put holly in one that isn't so tight on her belly button.  that poor girl just can't wear jeans.

anyway, the first one here is the old one i altered to be cutesy - but i didn't like it because of the striped shirt.  which is why all this started that i needed to reshoot them.  i used the free doodles from MCP.

and now, here are our results.  it looks like they were singing in the first one but i'm pretty sure they were just yelling.

this one is absolutely precious.  what a sweet kiss!  you know it took several of tries before i could catch one, which they didn't mind repeating it over and over - by the end they were sloppy about it!  and by sloppy, i mean sloppy WET kisses that even their own mama wouldn't even want to participate in!

and after they got tired of ME shooting them, they decided they wanted to take pictures of each other and us.  kendal and holly are remarkably good at using my camera (supervised, of coarse).  they love doing it - mashing the silver button - and seeing what they get (on the screen on the back).  i'm always amazed at how interesting their shots turn out.  so these are those.  not bad for a 2 and 3 year old!  (and realize that i hate to put MY picture on here, but it isn't a bad shot even though my hair is wet.  i just love kendal's expression.  that's why i'm posting it.)

 i thought this one was funny because of the two totally different looks he had on his face.  they were taken seconds apart from trigger-happy holly.

he kept wanting us to take his picture lying down.

and after a while he ended up UNDER the sheet!  

(go ahead and say it.  theirs turned out better than mine!  more interesting, that's for sure.)
here is holly telling me to put the camera back on the tripod.  i had it lowered all the way so it was their height.  i wish i had a second camera to take a picture of them taking a picture.  it was adorable!

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