Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Family

For the past couple of years, Nathaniel and I have been watching the TV show "Modern Family."

Back when it aired, my favorite shows were The Office and Big Bang Theory.  The Office then switched to a time that I couldn't catch, and this year the same happened to Big Bang.  However, Modern Family comes on at just the right time for me - Wednesdays at 9.  We watch it every week.  It is the kind of humor that doesn't make you laugh until your stomach hurt, it more makes you hold your breath... (you have to watch it to know what i'm talking about).

Last night's episode, I think, is the funniest one I've seen yet.  On our way home today, Nathaniel and I started discussing who our favorite characters were on the show.  My favorite ones are two men (that are the couple).  I was telling Nathaniel that he reminded me of a blend of those two men, which is maybe why they are my favorite.  I also think they always have the best (i.e. funniest/most uncomfortable/best banter) story lines.  Nathaniel thought that his favorite character was Phil.

So, I'm wondering - do YOU watch Modern Family?  Do you have favorite characters?  Who are they - and why?

1 comment:

  1. i like the daughters (high school ones?)... they seem to manipulate their parents and pull the wool over their eyes pretty well :)



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