Friday, January 7, 2011

run around the block

I hesitate to even post this for several reasons.  And, I feel it is necessary to discuss them. So, I guess you must read them.

First, starting an exercise program after the first of the year gives the appearance that it may be because I made a resolution.  I do not make resolutions.  I am an anti-resolutionist if there is a thing.  Thus, my main reason for hesitating to post this.  

Second, seems that one is doomed to fail anytime they write about diet or exercise.  I do not get motivation from other people.  My motivation for any diet or exercise is totally internal (i.e., I do not need a “good job”).  Thus, I do not want to make the appearance that I am starting a blog trend or series to talk about an exercise program so that I am getting encouragement from people.  I am not.  If I do talk about it, it is just because there is something interesting or funny that happened, or there is something worth discussing.  Such is the case today.

Nathaniel and I carpool.  Thus far, it has meant that I have dropped him off at work and then had the car myself.  There is no time in my life for exercise.  Every moment I am at home, I want to spend it with my family.  So, I had an idea.  I asked Nathaniel if he would take ME to work on Tuesday and Thursday, and then he would have the car on those days – and then pick me up at 4:30, which really wouldn’t add that much time in the end to our day.  

Yesterday, we tested this plan.  At 4:00, which is when my 8 hours of work is over, I got dressed and hit the road.  Day 1 of the couch to 5K plan.  I had the ipod in 1 ear and a plan of where to go.  I walked briskly for 5 minutes, alternated running and walking as prescribed, and finished in 24 minutes – total 1.75 miles.  Slow, I know, but I haven’t run in, eh, 5 years.  I’m about 10 pounds heavier than before and I’ve had 2 babies.  My body didn’t know what to do.  I felt like I had lead attached to my feet.  It was total work to lift my foot each and every time for the running segments.  Today, I am sore. Not TOO sore, but sore enough that I know tomorrow will hurt and that on Sunday, I’m gonna be REALLLLLY sore.

Here are some things I noticed (which is what I wanted to say).

When I lived in Washington, I often “ran” with a group.  When I say “ran”, I mean, there were about 5 people and I was generally left in the dust by the first half-mile.  They knew I was back there, though, and in the end, if I didn’t finish, they would have worried – and backtracked to find me passed out on the ground (which never happened).  They always waited for me to stretch.  Yesterday, running alone was the worst thing in the world.  I would have loved to have had 4 girls and a Chris a half-mile in front of me thinking “How in the world do they run and talk?”

I’ve tried running several times around my house only to get discouraged by the topography.  Oh yes, downhill is great.  Uphill, though, is a lung/quad-popper.  I thought that the area around here was not as hilly.  Yesterday, I decided that it is about the same.  The only difference, though, was that I didn’t have to push a stroller.  Running without a stroller is much easier, obviously, than running with one.   The hills are still hard, but I guess short of moving back to Washington, I’ll just have to get used to them.

I did see a few people out yesterday.  Since it is near NCSU, lots of students were walking the streets I guess going to or from class.  One thing I noticed about myself was that even though they were walking (slowly) and I was running (slowly), it still felt good to pass them.  That is sort of a joke to myself because I think I’ve passed like 2 people in this world.  And, I realize these people didn’t know they were in a “race” but I guess whatever motivates me to go – well, I guess I have to take what I can, right?  So anyway, to the overdressed Raleigh mama in 4” heels pushing her baby around the rose garden, I’m glad you were walking slowly enough for me to pass you at my creeping pace… 

And, I guess I sort of like this soreness.  It makes me feel like I’ve done something good.  I did notice last night how open my lungs felt.  And for anyone considering heading outside, 45 degrees is a great temperature for a long sleeved T and yoga pants with a vest.  I was warm but not hot, and not at all cold except for the first 5 minutes when I was walking -which, actually, made me walk faster and look forward for that first minute of running!


  1. That is so great! I miss running so much. I tried at the beginning with this new pregnancy, and whether or not it was purely mental, I felt like I weighed a ton with too much dead weight. It just wasn't comfortable. I have started on the eliptical, and that has been going well. I hate to think about how long it will take me to get back into running after the baby. After all, it took at least a year for me to comfortably run a 5K. Enjoy it!!!

  2. "enjoy" and "running" just don't go together! ha! especially when they are on these 'thar hills!



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