Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthmas for Nathaniel

For Birthmas (that's the dreaded combined birthday and christmas present for those of you who don't know.  I did it ONLY with prior approval), I gave Nathaniel a KitchenAid® Pasta Press Attachment with six interchangeable pasta plates.  I was so excited about it.  I think, though, more excited than him.  We've had our kitchenaid stand mixer for 3 or 4 years now (and it was his idea to get one).  I thought all this time he had been using it.   But, he told me that he'd never even used it before.  Aparently the only thing he does with it is get it out for me.  (It is heavy and we haven't the counter space to keep it out all the time - plus the fact I HATE HATE HATE having stuff on the counter, period.)  So, anyway, he wasn't as excited about the gift as I was.  The next day - we were snowed in.  I wanted him to make us some home made spaghetti (noodles, not sauce- that i buy in a jar though i know i can make it home made but it is SO easy to buy it for $2 from whole foods - can't make it for that price) for lunch.
Anyway, reluctantly (he was sick, I'll give him that one) he did make us some noodles.  and, I think he had more fun than he thought he was gonna have...  plus, the kids thought it was REALLY cool. 

I took pictures.  I tried not to get Nathaniel in them (much) because, like I said, he didn't feel well and hadn't showered.  The kids, however, they were digging it big time.  I can't wait to make macaroni noodles.  Melissa, what is the recipe for that yummy stovetop cheese sauce you and Joshua made at Thanksgiving? 

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