Friday, January 21, 2011

the mess

my kids can make a mess.  most people aren't "privileged" enough to see my house like this (mainly because it isn't like this long) but saturday night when i was sick, nathaniel kept the kids quiet by letting them play play play.  playing, in this case, meant tearing down everything (clearly). 

often, we get them to help us clean up.  i think on saturday, he did all the cleaning up (after they went to bed).  either way, check out the kind of mess two kids can make in about an hour or two! 

and, as he reminded me "i took these pictures!"  so, photos courtesy of nathaniel, though i did process them (since he doesn't officially know how yet - not that it is THAT complicated.)

  **notice how most of the lower level bookshelves are bare - that is where these toys usually live!**

**guess i should have gotten rid of those toys at the kids exchange!  i can see exactly which toys they don't play with anymore!**

 **even toys under the couch!**

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