Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's photo challenges

iheartfaces - winter wonderland

Louis' Life:  A Monday Photo Challenge - anything

allie photography:  happy monday - something hot

pastor's girl's pondering's:  people


  1. I would not be wanting to try that hot pepper jelly! Nice photo though! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! Oh and I like that last picture!

  2. First of all, I want to thank YOU for coming by, and leaving such a sweet comment on my horses!! Well, they're not MINE, (I wish), but your comment really encouraged me! I'm so glad your children enjoyed them, too! :) My boy is all grown up, and getting married very soon ... I miss times like that with him! They grow way too fast! I came to see what you had for Winter Wonderland ... I haven't gotten one to enter ... all of our snow melted! :( We're supposed to get more in a couple of days, but, *sigh*, it'll be too late by then, so I'll just enjoy some of the other entries ... yours is adorable ... those little hearts on that little warmer on her head, is perfect for I 'Heart' Faces! My hubby loves hot pepper jelly ... glutton for punishment I tell ya!! Lol!! I've never had it myself, and I do like spicy foods! Your dog reminds me of a friend's dog ... color and all! I'll have to check into those other photo challenges I see you've entered. I see other ones around, but I've only entered IHF's so far ... I should give some of the other ones a try ... I'm always up for a challenge! You have a great week, and thanks again! :)



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