Saturday, January 8, 2011


holly had three ear infections in the month of december.  when at the pediatrician's office for diagnosis of the third one, he said "do you want a referral to a ear nose and throat doctor?"  i promptly said no.  i already considered the fact that she may have an ear drainage problem, and that she may one day "need" tubes.  i put that in quotes because i wonder how much tubes are needed.  i got a lot of ear infections.  i did not have any speech problems, and i can hear just fine.  ANYWAY...

so i got home and posted something about it on facebook.  my sister replied with a book recommendation from somebody she knew or met (that story or connection is irrelevant).  i did not read the book.  instead, i took the idea of the book and looked stuff up online, more or less to see what people thought of the book, and to see what results people had gotten by using the treatment.

results were overall good.  basically, the doctor says that you should wash your nose like you wash your hands (hands = soap, nose = saline). because, germs live in your nose just like on your hands.  that is where the ear infections come from, from the germs in your nose that make their way into your sinuses, etc.  so, he patented a saline nose spray that contains xylitol, xylitol being a natural sugar that occurs in fruits such as strawberries.  the xylitol is a 5-chain carbon (rather than a 6-chain like glucose) that is why it is affective in fighting germs (according to my sister who knows more about it than me from the above mentioned irrelevant  connection to the book).

so, ya'll pretty much know by now that if i can find a natural remedy, then i'm gonna try it (go back to the days of gripe water for colic!). i  like to try it myself first (i remember chris and i taking shots of gripe water to "cure" our hot beer stomachs! - which worked).  sometimes, though, i'm not sick - so i can't try it. 

nathaniel was sick for pretty much all of december between having recurring colds and the stomach bug.  this  made him the perfect candidate for the $10 bottle of saline nose spray with xylitol i bought at whole foods (not the one in the picture shown, but the adult verson of which i could not find a picture).  he said that the only thing weird about it was that it tasted sweet.  (you know how normal nose spray sorta tastes salty in your throat... well, this one tastes sweet.)  AND, he was WELL WITHIN 3 DAYS!!!  yup, no more hocking and gagging for him in the morning.  i can vouch that he was completely well within 3 days.

i haven't tried it yet (i don't get sick very often) but i've started giving it in a granular form (about 1/10 a tsp in her juice) to holly because of her recurring ear infections.  she is not sick at this time.  it has been over a week since she finished her last antibiotic. so, it hasn't been long enough to tell if it works for her yet...  :)  but, i'm willing to try anything than poke a hole in her eardrum!  i do not like the idea of tubes.  i realize they "work" for some children, but my concern is less the short term remedy but more the long term affects of having a hole poked in your ear drum.  i know it heals, but there will always be a weakness there...   plus, holly CLEARLY does not have any speech issues (she talks all the time) or hearing issues (she can hear everything, even things i cannot - however, not as well as kendal, who has his aunt melissa's supersonic hearing).

---time passes, did not post--

mom has called twice for me to get things that they did not have at walmart.  like, yeast in a jar or packs and 2 bags of navy beans.  wow.  people are snow scared now!  we got NO snow last night and i wonder how much we'll get on monday/tuesday.

long blog, probably not at all interesting.  i am sorta rambling now.  i need to tag my kids exchange stuff and i don't wanna.  i also need to do my day2 run/walk but i don't want to (it is windy out and i just had a huge cup of hot chocolate - not sure which is more of the reason i don't wanna go outside and run, maybe one is why i don't want to go outside (windy), and one is why i don't want to go run (large cup of hot chocolate sloshing i my belly.))

anyway, guess i need to do something.  i have no excuse not to be productive (blogging is NOT productive).  kids are at mom's house playing with katelyn (shoulda seen the smiles yesterday when they saw her after a week of not seeing her!)

ok.  that's it.  enough.  time to do something useful. 

oh wait, is that my desk squeaking?

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