Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fix it Friday - I heart faces

i'm a day late, but i'm still gonna do the i heart faces fix it friday.


here is how i "fixed" it (using PE9)
first, i used florabella sharpen defog, then i flattened.
next i cropped trying to get him in the "third".
then, i applied florabella sapphire action, but turned off the sapphire gradient and vignette layers because they gave a grey color to the edges.  and, flattened again.
the sapphire action made his shoes really pop, so i saturated to 18 trying to really get his shoes to pop out a little more.
next, i used MCP's texture applicator to add kelsey anderson's texture # 37 on "multiply".  and, well, that's it.  nothing hard or complicated.  the texture #38 also looked good but the 37 made the sky blue, which i liked.

what do you think?

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