Sunday, January 30, 2011

kendal's dream

this morning, kendal woke up at 6:36.  his pants were wet where he had leaked out of his night diaper.  i changed his diaper and then he picked out a new pair of pjs (he won't wear mismatched pjs, he has to get a whole new set. he also won't let me pick them out).  next we woke up daddy, who was left the bed about 2am because i was still up clicking away on pictures. 

while we were sitting there waking up daddy, kendal starting talking.  he talked for nearly 30 minutes straight.  he told us a dream he had.  at first, in only got "fire truck, ambulance, and milk"  but by getting him to break it down, i think i got the story of his dream. 

this is the first dream he's ever told us about.  i know he's dreamed before, but this is the first one of which we've gotten the whole story.

[and for background, last night we ran out of milk. aparently, it made a huge impression on him!]

story goes that the fire truck, the ambulance, and the police car brought us milk.  [kendal, how many milks did they bring us? three.]  and then we went to the market [the market being where the cows go to buy a fat pig, home again home again jiggety jig.] and we [we being mommy, holly, and kendal] opened the gate and called the cow but she wouldn't come.  [kendal, what did the cow look like?  the cow was black and white.] so we went to the cow to get her milk.  [kendal, how do we get her milk? he made some sort of hand arm movement over his shoulder.  he clearly does not know how to get milk from a cow. when i asked him this again, he changed the subject by saying the cow was white and then he hugged me.]

yes it took him 30 minutes to tell us that!  he repeated it a lot.  and, i repeated it back to make sure i was understanding what he said.  there were just a few things that weren't clear but i do think that was the main part of the dream. it was cute and he was excited about telling it.

further clarification on the market:  the farm we pass daily on the way to raleigh used to have a bunch of cows.  when the cows "went away", we told them they went to the market.  which is true.  but then they wanted to go to the market to see them.  so, we just started responding by saying they went to the market to buy a fat pig, home again home again jiggety jig.  and, that was enough.  they still ask when the cows are coming home.  that farm purchased two cows and two sheep but didn't put them on the big fields.  i really miss seeing those cows.  it was my favorite part of the drive to raleigh or to mom and dad's house.

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