Saturday, January 22, 2011


whenever we have a couple-hours to kill, i go to the alex giant busy box for a craft project for the kids. they LOVE it when i get the box down. they always try to look in and pick out the next project - but i do try to pick out something that they can both do (similar project) that won't involve any fighting over pieces nor that will make a mess and that we can do in the time frame that in know is available.

My Giant Busy Box by ALEX Little Hands 

a couple of weeks ago, we got out a pile of tissue paper and made lots of balls. then we stuck those balls onto a ready-sticky piece of paper shaped like a parrot. no mess at all and the kids loved it.

today, they stuck stickers to paper bags while i made dinner and then i glued on the eyes and arms while they ate their dinner. kendal made a frog and holly made an elephant. they LOVED their puppets. i'm actually surprised they didn't ask to sleep with them tonight! :)

here they are showing off their new project. this was taken with my cellphone which is why it is such a crappy picture...

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