Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Symbolic Dream

I had a very symbolic dream about my grandma, tuter.

It all took place inside her house, which has three main rooms.  It started in the middle room, and everything was clean and decluttered.  All the antique tables had doileys on them with large bowls or lamps sitting in the middle.  It looked very much like a museum and, in retrospect, the tables and lamps were from all over the house and on display in that room.  My family will know what I mean when I describe the locations, but when you walked in, there was a high table on the right.  That table was where the phone was for the longest time.  I looked for a rotary phone, but there was a large box style black, cordless phone there.  The refrigerator was gone.  The TV was also not in that room, nor was the china hutch. All the drawers in all the tables were empty.  The place was totally empty of clutter, the carpet even appeared clean and fluffy.

I noticed that in the hallway where the bathroom was, the closet door was open and the light was on.  I looked in there because as a child, we were not allowed in that room.  It was a bathroom fashioned in the early 1900s I guess with a toilet and a sink.  I said to mom (who was there at that point) “I didn’t know there was a toilet in there” and she replied “I didn’t either!” which I thought was interesting since she grew up in that house.

So, back to the middle room –and, at this point I was alone again.  In place of the china hutch was another tall table made from a lighter-stained wood.  It had a lace table cloth on it.  On the table was music books (meaning books from which you would use to play piano or guitar and sing) – and they weren’t classical music like the décor would suggest, they were 70s and 80s bands.  None that I recognized though. 
There was also a cardboard piece with 4 pictures of grandma and granddaddy harris taped on it.  The pictures and the tape were all old and yellow.  It was propped up on back of the light-colored table.

Then I looked into the kitchen and noticed it looked clean.  I could see gold, flowered wallpaper (I don’t even remember if there was wallpaper in the real kitchen) and that it was really light in there.  I walked in and the room was mostly empty.  The stove was bare – no pots or pans hanging on the wall, the sink was also empty as was the counter that was usually covered in cups and dishes.  The kitchen table was also gone.  When you walk in the kitchen, the cabinets on the right were all barely popped open I tried to shut them but they just popped back open like the latch wouldn’t work.  They were 6 doors, 3 on each side (not even sure if this is how they actually are) and they were beige/yellow.  And, at this point they became sort of sticky.  Not to my hands but when I would try to shut them, they would stick but not shut.  I opened one and they were packed full with pennies.  The pennies weren’t in a container, but they were cemented in place, in a way.  There were also bags of reeces pieces, M&Ms, gummy bears, and other types of candies in large Ziploc bags on top of the pennies.  The cabinets were packed from top to bottom with this stuff.  I didn’t try to move any of the pennies for fear they’d all fall out.

I moved on to realize the refrigerator was also gone.  In the place of it was a stair-step like cabinet.  In it was 12 of several items like toboggans and some toys like slinkys and things.  I figured that tuter had bought those things for her grandchildren.  And, I thought about putting on one of the toboggans because I was cold.  So I kept moving to the back door but at that point I noticed a big sink (not sure if that was there in real life) and then realized the walls were a black, wooly type substance.  The back door had been replaced with sort of a hybrid door that was thick and metal and had a latch like between a walk-in refrigerator and a submarine door.  I didn’t know how to work it so I turned around – to realize that all the walls in there were made of that black material.  It was dark.  So I walked to the door of the kitchen.  The middle room also had black walls and the only light I could see was the light from the windows that were beside the TV in the front room. 
I never walked further, but what I could see was the old brown/plaid couch and two chairs and nothing else in the front room.  And, that the front door also had that hybrid door.  

Then I heard what sounded like cats running in the attic.  I wondered if it was squirrels.  But, in my sleep, I said to myself  “maybe it is my cats” so I moved my feet and felt the cats at them.  So, I realized that my cats were not running so that that noise was really in my dream.  Then I heard the cry of a baby doll.  I wondered who would be playing with a baby doll since I thought I was alone in the house.  So, I decided that the house was haunted with ghosts so I woke up.

And then I repeated the dream over and over and over for about and hour so that I wouldn’t forget it.
Goodness knows it must be hard to live all your life and then not be able to hear or see.  I wonder if she has ghosts in her head that sound like children running and babies crying.  Well, I hope she had dreams of children laughing and playing and the only crying she hears is if they fall down and come to her for a hug and a kiss (or a penny!).  Same goes for all those old (and young) people where she lives now.  It is so sad to see people age, ungracefully.

Don't get me wrong, though, this was not a sad dream.  If it was sad I wouldn't have tried so hard to remember it.  It was really nice to visit that old house again!


  1. Wow, that's a really cool, vivid dream.

  2. Absolutely crazy. So much of your description I recognize as being that must be a memory of yours. But some of it is absolutely crazy. It is funny you should be able to tell so much detail from your dream but since you can, how about tell us all how Father told you to make clam chowder--or was it oyster stew? You're the only one he shared that with! AND he taught you how to clean a fish, remember?



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