Friday, September 9, 2011

try number one at a self-portrait

can't say that i'm super comfortable with this.  but, i was reading on one of my favorite non-friend blogs - thepapermama - (non-friend meaning someone i don't know)

and i was not trying to own my self portrait here (obviously) but it is a start.  i'm going to keep trying and practicing.

anyway, this started with me trying to get a picture of my hair.  to see how long it isn't.  yes, i'm in the bathroom.  tacky, i know.

then i tried to take a picture of myself.

not great, but not terrible either!  i'm going to keep trying.  one day, i WILL take one i like. 
next time, though, i'm going to put on mascara and lipstick.  boy my face is bland!  :)


  1. I am constantly trying to take a self-portrait of myself that I like. It has to be at the RIGHT angle or else I shriek and trash can 'em!



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